Integration to the Public School System

The percentage of English instruction starts with approximately 80% for the 3 to 5 year olds. As the age of the children increases this percentage gradually decreases to approximately 45% in Grade 5. Simultaneously, the percentage of German is increased. French classes are from Grade 4 on. Several subjects such as Music and Sports are always taught bilingually. Irrespective of this higher German-French language percentage, the requirements of the worldwide binding IB PYP are always adheared to. The benchmarking of the international and local curriculum facilitates a smooth transition between the public school system and the ISRH.

The 6th grade in PYP, as a transition year to the secondary school, is very much finetuned to the curriculum of the public school system. Whenever possible, the same books are used. This ensures an optimal preparation of the change to the „Bezirksschule“ (highest level of middle school in public school system in the Canton Aargau) or to another International School.

Common activities with Swiss children helps to promote the integration of ISRH children in the community.The ISRH offers after school activities in close cooperation with local providers (i.e. music/dance school, theatre group). Furthermore, we have local part time children attending ISRH twice a week to learn English. This offers further options for friendships with Swiss families.

The public school system and the school levels of the ISRH