What makes ISRH different?

ISRH combines the advantages of the first class International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) with the advantages of a bilingual, English-German education and French lessons starting in Grade 4.

  • The percentage of English instruction starts with approximately 80% for the 3 to 5 year olds. As the age of the children increases this percentage gradually decreases to approximately 45% in Grade 5. Simultaneously, the percentage of German is increased. French classes are from Grade 4 on. Several subjects such as Music and Sports are always taught bilingually. Irrespective of this higher German-French language percentage, the requirements of the worldwide binding IB PYP are always adheared to. The benchmarking of the international and local curriculum facilitates a smooth transition between the public school system and the ISRH.
  • The ISRH offers after school activities in close cooperation with local providers (i. e. music/dance school, theatre group). These common activities with Swiss children help to promote the integration of the ISRH children to the local community.
  • Furthermore, we have local part time children attending ISRH twice a week to learn English. This offers further options for friendships with Swiss families.
  • Our highly qualified and motivated team of teachers coach each child individually. This happens in a caring learning atmosphere.