Application Policy

The ISRH has a non-selective entry policy. If places are available, and the students fulfil our general entry conditions, they will usually be accepted.

Parents of special needs children (i. e. dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD) need to inform the school by the time of application about this.

Parents will take part in a detailed application process which includes:

  • Completion of an application form including the completion of a health questionnaire (details of previous health testing) and a language profile assessment.
  • Confirmation that both the school and financial regulations have been read and accepted.
  • Interviews with parents and if possible with the student.

To register your child for entry into the ISRH, you will require an application form, which can be downloaded by clicking here: Early Childhood Center / Preschool / Primary School / Secondary School. Please send it by post to the address at the top of the form or by e-mail to info(at)isrh(dot)ch.

You will be contacted on receipt of the form. Should you have any queries regarding your application, please either call the school on +41 61 831 06 06, or by email to info(at)isrh(dot)ch.