Our new location from summer 2020

The construction work is making good progress and we are pleased to report that we will be able to relocate to the new school building in summer 2020. The inside area covers approximately 2’100 square metres and features modern and light-flooded classrooms for our early childhood centre, preschool, primary and secondary school. Large, partially roofed outdoor facilities of approximately 550 square metres are available for playing and relaxing during break times.

Thanks to the optimal location of the new ISRH location next to the historic central district of Rheinfelden, the new purpose-built school will be accessible within a few minutes walking distance from the central bus and train station. Access to the school building is via the quieter, less busy Schützenweg.

The whole ISRH community of students, teachers, parents and administrative staff is looking forward to these features:

  • Spacious and light-flooded classrooms with modern equipment and meeting spaces over a total area of 2’100 square metres
  • Multifunctional aula with stage and adjacent music room
  • Winter garden (conservatory) reserved for early childhood centre and preschool
  • 550 square metres outdoor play space including partially roofed terrace
  • Cafeteria for lunches
  • Creative centre with art and design rooms
  • Mediaroom equipped with modern devices
  • Library including a reading corner
  • Open and welcoming entrance area
  • Fenced garden
  • Ideal central location next to playgrounds and a sports field, adjacent to the school building Schützen-matt
  • Good access to public and private transport
  • Public bistro on the ground floor with separate outdoor seating