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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the teaching language at ipso International School?
The percentage of English instruction starts with approximately 80% for the 3 to 5 year olds. As the age of the children increases this percentage gradually decreases to approximately 45% in Grade 5. Simultaneously, the percentage of German is increased. French classes are from Grade 4 on. Several subjects such as Music and Sports are always taught bilingually. Furthermore, Swiss German is spoken during some break times and at certain afterschool activities outside of school.

How will my child, who is German-speaking, cope with a programme that is initially mainly in English?
Teaching and learning at our school is student-centred, that is, we make sure that we pay attention to students’ specific needs (including language needs). The children of our Kindergarten group are exposed through stimulating play and singing to the new language. Experience has shown us that within days children understand simple words and sentences and within six months, German-speaking students are able to cope very well with our full programme. The positive results that these students achieve in their tests, projects and other assessments, are evidence of how efficiently they are able to acquire and work in English.

If I have to leave the region of Rheinfelden/Basel, will my child be accepted in another school?
Children whom have left an IB school for another IB school generally experience no difficulty in adjusting to the demands of their new school. Also a transfer to the public school system is secured thanks to the benchmarking with the curriculum of the Canton Aargau. 

What problems face local parents choosing this school for their children?
Choosing an international school for a child is a very challenging decision to make:

  • More than 90% of all international schools over the world are private. They are fee-paying schools. This means that the financial impact on families can be significant.
  • The language of instruction at our school is between 45% to 80% English (depending on the age group) and not the native language of most of the students who attend our school. It is welcome, but not a prerequisite for registration that one of the parents is able to communicate in English and/or German.
  • The school day is long. It starts at 8:15 am and ends at 4pm or 6pm.
  • The curriculum is not what most parents are experienced with.

Contact us – with additional information most of the problems can be solved or put into perspective.

Will there be homework at ipso International School?
Homework at our school depends on the age group and takes many forms that range from the classical to authentic experiences: this includes essays, preparation of presentations, preparation and conducting of surveys and research work. However, students are encouraged right from a very early age to create a culture of independent work, which is also expected later. Homework can also be completed during the 'after school activity' time – if support is needed, together with a teacher. For Kindergarten children there is no homework, but we encourage reading and singing at home with the parents.

What is discipline like at ipso International School?
We don’t talk of ‘discipline’ at our school, we rather promote respectful behaviour. We empower children to become caring towards their environment, towards others and towards themselves. We involve them in the decision-making process, create essential agreements with them. Our school is a learner-centred school, therefore, as much as possible, students are involved in the process of making decisions about themselves. We believe more in empowering students to become disciplined rather than imposing a set of rules on children with the aim of disciplining them. As an International school, we value the IB PYP Learner Profile more than anything else when it comes to mentoring and coaching learners to develop their intellectual, emotional and social intelligences.