Bilingual Preschool ISRH

Full-time or part-time daycare

The ISRH is not only a primary school but also a bilingual nursery school for children from the age of three. Languages of habitual use are English and German. Children with no prior knowledge of English can also be integrated.

To suit your professional and personal requirements, we offer either full-time or various part-time options of at least two half-days a week.

At ISRH we encourage every single child as an individual. Our small groups allow for all the various stages of development, and address special gifts and talents.

We also greatly value a loving, warm and friendly atmosphere of learning and play to provide our children with a home-from-home during the daytime. 

Multilingual encouragement at an early age is provided in accordance with an international educational concept, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The IB PYP represents a holistic, humanistic image of the whole person. Children are encouraged to ask questions and conceptual thinking. They should be able to make their way in and throughout the world with confidence and respect, and with a thirst for knowledge. 

We also place great value on free play outdoors in nature. Regardless of the weather, we go outside with the children several times a day and often spend half-days in the woods or Rheinfelden town park. Creativity and the development of fine and gross motor skills are stimulated daily with singing, crafts, painting and drawing, and baking.


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