Bilingual Primary School ISRH

Full-time school and part-time options

The ISRH Primary School is an English and German language full-time school for children from the ages of 6 to 12. From year 4, French is offered in addition to English and German, and Swiss-German is used during break-times. Our international staff are all highly-qualified.

Our educational concept is based on the globally recognised, compulsory requirements of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) ( 

Benchmarking with the curriculum from the Kanton Aargau facilitates a smooth transition between the public schoolsystem and the ISRH. In core subjects like German, Math and French, we use the same books with the local schools. 

For detailed information on our educational concept, please click here: ISRH educational programme (PDF)


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