Bilingual Secondary School ISRH

Based on the successful implementation of the Early Childhood Center, Pre-School and Primary School, ISRH established a bilingual International Secondary School. According to the pedagogic concept of ISRH Secondary School, it is possible to attend for either three or four years.

After three years, there are transfer options to Swiss High Schools. Therefore, the demanding syllabus of the highest Secondary One Level in the Kanton Aargau (the “Bezirskschule”), is combined with the international programme of the Secondary One level of Cambridge University with a focus on Science. Alternatively, progression to other specialised schools would be possible, as well as joining a Swiss apprenticeship programme in a company.

Transfer options from ISRH to the Swiss public and other school systems.

After four years, adolescents with an adequate level of English language skills can graduate from the internationally recognized exams International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) of the Cambridge University. For many students this is an important step towards A levels, which after two more years of studying would open the door to universities worldwide.

ISRH has already successfully established the combination of local and international educational programmes at Pre- and Primary School levels and now offers at Secondary School level too, the option of transferring from or to the public school system.

As of summer 2017, ISRH opened the first class of Secondary School. Every year a consecutive class will be added.

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