09. December 2019

Programming with Swift

The students of The SY1 and SY2 took the first steps on the way to programming an app by getting to know the programming language Swift at the Apple Store. They also experienced using an iPad to guide the Sphero robots around an obstacle course.

09. December 2019

Visit of Secondary Years 3 students at EXPERIO Roche laboratory

The students of Secondary Years 3 once again had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a half day workshop at EXPERIO Roche school laboratory of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Kaiseraugst. Guided by pedagogically trained staff members and specialists of certain areas, highly professional inquiry based learning was guaran-teed. The very motivated students were accompanied by their passionate Science 

15. November 2019

Trip to Museum of Culture Basel

The PY 3/4 class recently took a trip to The Museum of Culture in Basel. There we were taken on a tour to learn more about various cultures around the world. We looked at items made out of old objects (like a wall out of PET bottles) by people across the globe. It was interesting and we had a lot of fun.

06. June 2019

Fostering international minds

The students of Primary Years 3 and 4 recently took a trip to The Dreiländer Museum in Lörrach as part of our Unit of Inquiry. Through the interactive exhibition on the culture of the region the class was able to reflect on their own personal experiences in reference to this unique cultural area. It was a lovely experience, with a scavenger hunt, discovering typical scents of the area and trying 

24. May 2019

Experiencing the Future Today

On May 23, 2019 our grades 5 and 6 attended a trip to the Roche headquarters facilities in Kaiseraugst. During the field trip Roche employees informed our students about the various branches and opportunities of this global company in our region. Later on, our classes had the opportunity to experiment with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics Development at Roche. The students used Lego 

20. May 2019

Bilingual Education in Action

During the week of the 13th of May our Secondary Years classes (SY1&2) were fortunate to participate in ISRH’s first ever overseas trip to the Isle of Wight in the UK. The purpose of the trip was to immerse our older students in British culture and gain first hand language proficiency, while exploring one of the most renowned areas of the UK. By interacting with local people and learning about 

04. April 2019

Community service in the classroom

Who said lessons in school can’t support others? For weeks, students of the grades PY3/4 created homemade wallets from recycled products, as part of their UOI (Unit of Inquiry) “How things are made”. The final product of their efforts were 40 beautifully designed wallets which were sold in front of Migros. The class decided to donate the total of 150 CHF to the Swiss charity “Safe the Children”. 

05. March 2019

Exchange Systems

Within their last Unit of Inquiry, students in Grade five and six inquired into the function of different trade- and economic systems. As part of their assessment, the class developed an innovative trading system and organized a market to trade some of their home-made goods. From cakes to health packs, the students turned up to their market day with a variety of products to sell. The parents and 

21. February 2019

ISRH students visited Apple in Basel

The students of SY II had the exciting opportunity to try out their programming skills at Apple in Basel. After a brief introduction they were given the chance to guide the small Sphero robot through an obstacle course. It wasn't straightforward but with some self-motivation and after few attempts the students were successful. Our students returned enthused by the experience and would like to 

11. January 2019

ISRH celebrates fifth birthday

On January 6th 2014, on Epiphany Day, ISRH opened with only 9 children at the “Three Kings” former hotel/restaurant making up one Pre-School group and a combined grade1/2 class. Five years later ISRH has 4 departments: an Early Childhood Centre, a Pre-School, Primary and Secondary School. Currently 92 students between 2-15 years old are bilingually developed to their maximal individual potential. 

21. December 2018

ISRH Wintercelebration again a huge success

To bring in the holidays, the ISRH community gathered for a celebration of yet another successful semester in the Aula of the Bezirkschule in Rheinfelden.  The students delivered an excellent performance in all three taught languages of ISRH (German, English and French), demonstrating their outstanding language competences. Their contributions as passionate musicians and dancers were 

28. November 2018

Visit of the Wool farm Spycher AG in Huttwil

As part of their art class SY1  and SY2 travelled to Huttwil to the well known Spycher handicrafts wool farm. With interest the children learnt a lot about the processing of wool to make a blanket for beds and the variety of usage of sheep wool, fat of the wool and milk of the sheep. The children were enthusiastic to meet lots of endangered animals like sheep from Wallis, wool pigs, Swiss 

19. November 2018

ISRH children where are you from?

Students of our grades one and two  investigated the topic of “where are ISRH children from” for their first Unit of Inquiry, which was a great opportunity to get to know new students and teachers. Following investigation and surveys with all the children of the school, PY1 & PY2 created a visual representation of where the students of ISRH are from in the world, resulting in a beautiful 

15. October 2018

Exciting Experiments during math lessons at ISRH Secondary School

Our SY1 student had the possibility to experiment in their maths lesson. They filled various containers, recorded the water quantity in a table and drew graphs of the water level. Maths can be fun too!

03. October 2018

Strong growth of ISRH requires new school building for school year 2019/20

ISRH student numbers have grown again by 33%, because children and parents are happy with the family atmosphere, the excellent, very dedicated team of teachers, and the individual advancement of talents. The bilingual full-day school concept as well as the alignment of the international program with the local curriculum of Kanton Aargau in the core subjects mathematics, German and French is 

29. May 2018

Visit to SRF Television studio in Zürich

We, the students of the SY1 class from ISRH Secondary School, were given the opportunity to visit the SRF TV studios in Zürich. Erich Michel gave us a tour and answered our questions. He showed us the various studios. We were allowed to get a close look at the studios and take photos. The highlight was the Blue Box, a room with a green screen where everything can be edited, and the teleprompter, 

14. May 2018


Visit us at the Expat-Expo in the Congress Center, Basel. Sunday, May 27, 2018
11:00 - 17:00
Table 9
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17. April 2018

Black Forest experience days

The students from PY5/6 and SY1 were out and about in the Black Forest for three days. Everybody had lots of fun, enjoying  a walk around the Titisee,  archery, a night hike,  climbing in the high ropes park and relaxing hours together.

22. March 2018

7th grade visit to the BaZ

We, the 7th class of the ISRH, visited the Basler Zeitung on 22 March 2018. As we are currently taking media, it was a very good opportunity for us to get an insight into the business of the daily newspapers. Marcel Münch One of the many editors gave us information about the history and the profession at the Baz. He also led us through the building. Mr. Münch showed us the library, which had a 

16. March 2018

ISRH is growing

The property company of the Basler Bildungsgruppe has bought the premises in Rheinfelden, Bahnhofstrasse 26 (former Coop-building). After the necessary alterations of the building it is the goal that ISRH will move there during summer 2019 and will occupy a big portion  of the available space. We are looking forward to achieving a further milestone during the still short but very successful