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Bilingual Education in Action ipso! ISR, 20.05.2019

ipso! ISR

The Bilingual All-Day School

Online, Rheinfelden

NEWS bilinguale Bildung im Alltag

During the week of the 13th of May our Secondary Years classes (SY1&2) were fortunate to participate in ISRH’s first ever overseas trip to the Isle of Wight in the UK. The purpose of the trip was to immerse our older students in British culture and gain first hand language proficiency, while exploring one of the most renowned areas of the UK. By interacting with local people and learning about sites of outstanding historical and geographical significance our students were able to experience first hand the benefits of a bilingual education as they seemlessly switched between their native tongue and the English language. 
Of course, having fun was never in short supply and as well as sightseeing, our students enjoyed their time together petting donkeys, go-karting, on the beach or simply enjoying some free time in the local towns. The trip was a huge success and set a very high benchmark for further endeavours abroad.