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Exchange Systems ipso! ISR, 05.03.2019

ipso! ISR

The Bilingual All-Day School

Online, Rheinfelden

NEWS Tauschsysteme

Within their last Unit of Inquiry, students in Grade five and six inquired into the function of different trade- and economic systems. As part of their assessment, the class developed an innovative trading system and organized a market to trade some of their home-made goods. From cakes to health packs, the students turned up to their market day with a variety of products to sell. The parents and students were given 50 Galaxy V-Bucks to use at the market, with the aim to gain the most value out of their trading. 

It was a huge success with over 80 people attending throughout the afternoon. Students sold almost everything they made and drove hard bargains. In the end, Jana was the best sales person, but each and every student showed confidence, dedication, creativity and negotiation skills throughout the sales process, well done!