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ISRH Wintercelebration again a huge success ipso! ISR, 21.12.2018

ipso! ISR

The Bilingual All-Day School

Online, Rheinfelden

NEWS ISRH Winterfest

To bring in the holidays, the ISRH community gathered for a celebration of yet another successful semester in the Aula of the Bezirkschule in Rheinfelden. 

The students delivered an excellent performance in all three taught languages of ISRH (German, English and French), demonstrating their outstanding language competences. Their contributions as passionate musicians and dancers were fantastic to watch, also due to their wonderful costumes and decorations. The celebrations continued with a relaxed communal lunch organized by parents, ISRH and Zaraz catering.

The tasty seasonal snacks bought the Winter Celebration festivities to an enjoyable close.