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Memories of happy hours together at school ipso! ISR, 04.05.2020

ipso! ISR

The Bilingual All-Day School

Online, Rheinfelden

isrh ausfluege mit den kindern buecherschiff fasnacht backen kochen

We like to look back on these great trips and school lessons that we were able to experience together. And we are looking forward to seeing you back at school soon for more exciting adventures.

Some impressions:

  • Trip to "Youth Book Ship" in Basel
  • Future chefs during cooking lessons
  • PY2 pupils work in groups on a poster about the squirrel.
  • We bake dough men and sew Saint Nicholas bags for the 6th of December.
  • We read the story of family mouse and bake mouses.
  • We baked delicious muffins and dough animals for our carnival party. Now we only have to decorate the muffins!