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Promotion of cognitive talents and creativity through bilingual classes at the ipso International School ipso! ISR, 11.03.2021


ipso! ISR

The Bilingual All-Day School

Online, Rheinfelden

Are bilingual children more intelligent, more creative, more flexible?

Children not only learn a second language through immersion education at ipso International School, but also acquire improved analytical skills and increased mental flexibility. Thinking processes, observation, perception, information processing, transfer of learning, forward planning, analysis, evaluation, decision-making, action and reasoning, and creative problem solving are all enhanced through bilingualism. (Proven by international research results, for example by Julia Festmann and Kristin Kersten)

The requirement for this is an early, regular, intensive and active use of both languages over as long a period as possible, practiced in discussions, partner/small group and project work. In addition, we also promote the social, sensory-motor and artistic skills of our 1.5- to 16-year-old children through bilingual teaching.