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Secondary School

Bilingual Secondary School, grades 7 to 9




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The Secondary Level I at ipso International School is currently a three-year, full-day English and German-speaking school for children aged 12 to 16. At our school, the school years 7, 8, and 9 are termed SY1, SY2 and SY3. The ipso International School is a state-approved private school under the supervision of the Canton Aargau Cantonal School Inspectorate. A tenth SY4 school year might be offered from the 2022/23 school year.

The educational concept corresponds to the state curriculum of the Canton Aargau at the two levels of ‘Bezirksschule’ (high level) and ‘Sekundarschule’ (medium/high level). It is implemented bilingually and is visionary. The successful concept of individual support at primary level, vivid and motivating, within the framework of a holistic education will be continued.

We open up better opportunities for the future for our young people by developing self-confidence and teaching 21st century skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration/teamwork and critical thinking. In our Creaviva lessons, we combine artistic activities with the practice of foreign languages. Special talents are also encouraged across classes and levels. Young people who need more time will be given it. The combination of local and international curriculum, which is tried and tested at the ipso International School, also permits continuous transfer from and to the state school system at this level.

In our ipso! Sciences module, we encourage exploratory learning through creative, interdisciplinary and practice-orientated research projects with an emphasis on MINT subjects. 

We practice life skills in the ipso! Life module in exciting subjects such as design technology (handicrafts), fabric design (textile design) and food technology (cookery). We teach fine motor skills that are useful in everyday life and in many professions. Our young people explore nature and ecosystems. Within the framework of social internships and projects, our young people experience the living conditions of other people, develop empathy and a willingness to help. 

As part of career coaching in ipso! Career, we prepare our students for entrance exams to grammar schools or vocational secondary schools. Professional application documents are prepared for their chosen career and our young people are prepared for job interviews in intensive application training sessions. We also actively support completing trial days.

Those who want any additional personal coaching can have it the optional individually bookable ipso! Booster module. A personal coach accompanies students individually and helps them to reflect and keep their learning progress continuously high.

  • Local or international affiliation to the state school system

Switching to and from the state school system locally, i.e. in the Canton of Aargau, is possible at any time – thanks to harmony with the state curriculum and use of the same teaching materials in the core subjects of German, Mathematics and French. 

Our students have already transferred successfully to international school systems in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Holland, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, the UK.

  • Better opportunities for the future

Multilingualism, a cosmopolitan outlook, early support and loving full-day care in a homely atmosphere, an awareness of respectful interaction and global relationships, an international team of teachers and joy in learning provide children with the ideal foundation for their continuing education and thus better opportunities for the future.


SY1 - SY3 (Years 7 to 9)
Admissions usually take place in August and February. However, admissions are also possible at any time on consultation with the school management.


Children aged 12 to 16 who enjoy and are interested in a holistic, bilingual education in an international environment.

Language requirements: advanced knowledge of the German language and basic knowledge of the English and French language.  

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Lesson Times
Monday 08.15 – 16.00
Tuesday 08.15 – 16.00
Wednesday 08.15 – 17.00
Thursday 08.15 – 16.00
Friday 08.15 – 12.00

The supervision of the children from 08.00 until lessons begin at 08.15 is free of charge.

Coaching ipso! Booster

We do not leave learning success to chance. Teachers who have an additional qualification and experience in the development and application of individual learning plans accompany the students individually as personal coaches and help them to reflect and keep their learning progress continuously high. The coach also provides support during temporary learning blocks and acts as a mediator when external influences are distracting.

Learning dificulties may also have medical causes. This coaching is a more intensive form of personal coaching and is provided where by child psychology specialists. We can provide intensive support on a specific topic in the event of learning difficulties and learning obstacles, and support cooperation with external specialists such as doctors, therapists, speech therapists, child and youth psychologists, art therapists and physiotherapists, etc. over several weeks or throughout the entire school year.

ipso! Booster is available at CHF 1'800.00 per school year and the amount will be billed separately. Please use the registration form to be found at Early Drop-Off/After School Care.

Early Drop-off/After School Care

Early Drop-off

We can also look after your child daily from 07.30 am. You can book this offer for the entire school year or according to your needs.

After  School  Care

Would you like us to look after your child after school hours? Various options are available: for the entire school year or, depending on your situation, just a few hours longer at specific days. After School Care is available daily until 18.00 pm. 

Please find the detailed prices in the registration form for additional services. These services will be billed separately.

After School Activities

Children have the option of attending after-school activities (homework supervision, music, sports, chess, TechLabs, etc.) after school until 18:00. This offer only applies if there is sufficient interest. The price is not included in the school fees. After-school activities can take place both inside and outside ipso International School(e.g. externally at the local music school).

Contact us for further information. We would be happy to work out an individual offer together with you.

Lunch Catering

The children can enjoy a well-balanced, healthy and age-appropriate lunch with us, prepared freshly every day by the established catering company Zaraz in Rheinfelden. 

Zaraz has been awarded the “Fourchette Verte” certificate several times. Special nutritional needs are taken into account as far as possible. At the future Bahnhofstrasse 26 site in Rheinfelden (from summer 2020), it will be possible for children to use the microwave to heat up food they have brought with them as soon as they are able to do so independently. 

Alternatively, cold lunches can be brought along, as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks for breaktimes if the children are at school all day. 

Lunch is charged at CHF 10.00 and can be booked for a quarter with the registration form for additional services that can be found at Early Drop-Off/After School Care. These services will be billed separately.


Students with sufficient knowledge of German can take part voluntarily in the central cantonal check tests.


Certificate of completion that is recognized by all subsequent levels and forms of education.

Transfer Options

The following transfer opportunities are available to students on completion of the SY2 or SY3 classes:

  • After the second SY2school year, students may transfer directly to a local “Bezirksschule” in Rheinfelden or Möhlin without sitting an entrance examination, provided that they have an appropriate average grade and on the basis of an individual recommendation from our teaching staff.
  • After the third SY3 school year and having passed an external entrance examination, it is also possible for students to be admitted to a gymnasium of their choice in Canton Aargau, Canton Basel-Stadt or Muttenz in Canton Basel-Landschaft. 
  • Students may, of course, also choose to attend another high school or take up an apprenticeship.
  • On completing our SY3 school year and depending on their level of English as well as an individual evaluation, academically gifted students may directly attend the second year of the two-year programme at the Academia College in Basel to prepare for the secondary education final exams administered by Cambridge International. These qualifications are the globally recognised International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).
  • At Swiss universities, up to three successfully completed IGCSE examinations are recognised out of a total of six examination subjects (three subjects at IGCSE level and three A-Level subjects) as part of the international higher education entrance certificate offered by Cambridge International. Please refer to the guidelines provided by swissuniversities  for the choice of recognised subject combinations.
  • Ambitious students are therefore able to complete up to three subjects recognised by Swiss universities at the age of 16. Others normally reach this goal at the age of 17.
  • To obtain the international higher education entrance certificate offered by Cambridge International, students also need to pass three A-Level examinations. Once this has been achieved, young people aged 18 or 19 may enter universities across the globe.
  • The combination of local and international curricula, which has been tried and tested at ipso International School, also permits continuous transfer to and from the state school system at this level

School Fees, Secondary School

The school fees cover lessons and school materials.

School fees in 7. or 8. school year


School fees per year 19'200.00
ipso! Sciences and ipso! Life 3'600.00
Total fees per school year 22'800.00



School fees in 9. school year


School fees 19'200.00
ipso! Sciences and ipso! Life 3'600.00
ipso! Career 1'800.00
Total fees per school year 24'600.00


Ancillary school costs  
Registration fee, non-recurring 600.00
After school activities, trips exkl.
External examination fees exkl.


Optional Modul  
ipso! Booster 1'800.00


Paying by instalments

7. and 8. school year:

  • 2 instalments per school year of CHF 11'420.00 incl. CHF 20.00 surcharge
  • 12 instalments per school year of CHF 1'920.00 incl. CHF 20.00 surcharge

9. school year:

  • 2 instalments per school year of CHF 12'320.00 incl. CHF 20.00 surcharge
  • 12 instalments per school year of CHF 2'070.00 incl. CHF 20.00 surcharge

Payment terms

  • The registration fee is due when registering. 
  • The annual fees will be invoiced pro rata if the student starts school during the year.



Family and company discounts

If the school fees are paid, in whole or in part, by a company, we grant a 10% discount on this amount. Families are granted a 10 % discount on the school fees from the enrolment of the 2nd child. The deduction will be applied when the invoice is being issued.

Holiday Calendar
Carnival holiday 17.02.2020 – 02.03.2020
Spring holiday 06.04.2020 - 17.04.2020
Summer holiday 29.06.2020 - 07.08.2020
Autumn holiday 28.09.2020 - 09.10.2020
Christmas holiday 21.12.2020 - 01.01.2021
Carnival holiday 15.02.2021 – 26.02.2021
Spring holiday 12.04.2021 - 23.04.2021
Summer holiday 28.06.2021 - 06.08.2021
Holiday Care

ipso International School offers holiday camps for supervision of children during the school holidays. Working parents greatly appreciate this service and are pleased to use it. 

Fun and games are the main focus of the entertaining programme: this includes lots of outdoor activities, exercise, creative and artistic activities, picnics, baking or cooking, projects, little experiments, water games, sports, dance, yoga, listening to stories, treasure hunts and trips to the nearby forest and the beautiful parks along the Rhine. Depending on the age group, there are also trips to the zoo or visits to exhibitions and museums.


ipso International School is committed to ensuring that parents and children visit the school at least once for an in-depth consultation with the school management before registering. 

The most appropriate solution for education, care and maximum support must be found for every child. We clarify the suitability of the bilingual educational concept for your child, as well as checking whether a suitable school place is available. If possible, we also recommend a no-obligation trial visit of up to a week, depending on your child’s age. This will help your child to get to know the teaching staff and their classmates personally. 

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