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Team - Our ipso International School Family

The ipso International School team is characterized by its extraordinary commitment, outstanding local and international qualifications as well as its experience. 

Creating a family atmosphere in the school and the aim of providing maximum individual support for every single child is important to all of our employees. We live our mission "Passion for Learning and Success".

Head of School

isrh team co gesamtschulleiterin sabina suemegi

Sabina Sümegi-Schärli

Co-Gesamtschulleiterin | Co-Head of School


Claudia Assandri

Co-Gesamtschulleiterin | Co-Head of School

School Administration


Fiona Elizabeth Elms

Schulverwaltung | School Administration

isrh team schuladministration isabelle ramseier

Isabelle Ramseier

Schulverwaltung | School Administration



Anna Blessing

Lehrerin Deutsch und Kunst | Teacher German and Art

Rachel Curle

Rachel Curle

Klassenlehrerin | Homeroom Teacher Primary Years 1

Isabelle Dürring

Isabelle Dürring

Klassenlehrerin | Homeroom Teacher Early Childhood Center

ipso mitarbeitende dummy bild

Michaela Francois

Klassenlehrerin | Homeroom Teacher Early Childhood Center

isrh team lehrperson mona gross

Mona Gross

Lehrerin Deutsch | Teacher German

isrh team lehrperson barbara haefliger

Barbara Häfliger

Lehrerin Geografie | Teacher Geography

isrh team lehrperson alexandra hostettler

Alexandra Hostettler

Klassenassistentin, Lehrerin Kunst und Textiles Gestalten | Class Assistant, Teacher Art and Textile

isrh team lehrperson iris keller

Jeanne Iris Keller

Musiklehrerin | Teacher Music

isrh team lehrperson jiyoung leuenberger

Jiyoung Sabina Leuenberger

Klassenlehrerin | Homeroom Preschool

isrh team lehrperson christine michelotti

Christine Michelotti

Lehrerin Deutsch und Französisch | Teacher German and French

isrh team lehrperson bryan murray

Bryan Murray

Klassenlehrer | Homeroom Teacher Primary Years 5/6

isrh team lehrperson gita nandha

Gita Nandha

Klassenassistentin | Class Assistant Early Childhood Center

isrh team lehrperson rachel oliver

Rachel Oliver

Klassenlehrerin | Homeroom Teacher Primary Years 3/4

ipso mitarbeitende dummy bild

Sina Rusch

Auszubildende ECC | Trainee ECC

isrh team lehrperson sabine ronge

Sabine Ronge

Lehrerin Deutsch und Mathematik | Teacher German and Mathematics

ipso mitarbeitende dummy bild

Rebecca Rowland

Lehrerin Englisch | Teacher English

ipso mitarbeitende dummy bild

Soraya Schärer

Auszubildende| Trainee Early Childhood Center

isrh team lehrperson julie screpanti

Julie Screpanti-De Mesmaeker

Lehrerin MINT | Teacher STEM

Marineide Tramotin

Marineide Tramontin-Pessoa

Klassenassistentin | Class Assistant

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Klassenlehrer | Homeroom Teacher Secondary School 1/2